Tuesday, June 23, 2009

True Lies by Dewey Gram and Duane Dell'amico

True Lies
Dewey Gram and Duane Dell'amico
1994, Signet, London

Book based on the movie in which Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a special agent who has kept his life as a spy secret from his wife for fifteen years. A terrorist organisation obtains nuclear weapons and threaten to detonate Miami.

This had a lot more detail in it than the movie did, but in fleshing out the story, the wit and dry humour that made the movie great has been lost. Also, I didn't like the characters in the book - Harry was just an ass, but I think that is a reflection on the authors more than anything. The book was teeming with prejudice, it got rather tired rather quickly ... I think this was written by sociopaths with little respect for human life. Plus they obviously hate dogs.

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