Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Star Trek: Dark Passions: Book Two by Susan Wright

Star Trek: Dark Passions: Book Two
Susan Wright
2001, Pocket Books, New York

Set in the mirror universe where Terrans are slaves to the Klingon-Bajoran-Cardassian alliance, this story centres around all the female characters from the modern Trek incarnations. Kira Nerys is overseer of the alliance, and Seven tries to depose her using the help of B'Elana, Janeway and Worf.

Holy mixed metaphors Batman - this book is full of them! It sure could have done with a final edit. I'm not sure if I really enjoyed this story or not - it's nice to read from the mirror universe, but the characters seemed a little underdeveloped to me. That said, Kira Nerys is fantastic in this story. And I liked the inclusion of Iconian technology.

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