Friday, January 4, 2008

Invasion!: Time's Enemy by L.A. Graf

Invasion!: Time's Enemy
1996, Pocket Books, New York.

Starfleet inform the Deep Space Nine crew that a 5000 year old Defiant has been found in the Solar System. They soon discover that the Defiant was/will be thrown back in time when it came in/comes in contact with the battle that saw the Furies banished from the Alpha Quadrant. The Furies are the aliens who fought Kirk and his Crew in First Strike, and then again with Picard and the Enterprise D in The Soldiers of Fear.

This is actually a good story if you can make it through the astro-physics, mathematics and extra-terrestrial biology lectures! I think LA Graf is just a bit of a show-off with his (her?) obvious science knowledge.

It is really well written - and I really like these aliens (the ones who defeated the furies 5000 years before their reappearance). So, although I didn't understand maybe about half of what was going on with the whole space-time disruption and ansible symbiont-host-symbiont connections, not to mention the cerebral cortex neural connection digestive system of the aliens, I enjoyed the story.

Here's a favourite quote: '"If by aliens, you're referring to viroidal vacuum-adapted organisms who appear to steal DNA and ship reaction masses with equal facility," he said, with careful precision, "the answer is yes."'

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