Wednesday, January 23, 2008

An Accidental Terrorist by Steven Lang

An Accidental Terrorist
Steven Lang
2005, UQP, Brisbane

Kelvin returns to his hometown of Eden and becomes involved with a group of hippie environmentalists. He falls in love with Jessica, an environmental lobbyist living in the commune, and befriends Carl, a mysterious American local farmer.

This is an intriguing story. It has some mystery/thriller genre aspects, plus a bit of lovin' and plenty of Aussie grit. Most of the story is set in the Eden area ... the southern forests of Australia, and some is set in inner-city Sydney. Both settings are explored well, and the atmospheres of the bush and the city are contrasted.

The characters are very interesting ... I especially like the suss book dealer! All of the character's motivations seemed natural and believable, which is important in a story which sets itself deeply in reality.

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