Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dark Highways by Megat Ishak

Dark Highways
Megat Ishak
2013, Fixi Novo, Malaysia

A collection of short stories set in Malaysia - I picked this up at a Borders on my recent trip to KL.  The main themes of these stories are horror, magic, violence, and betrayal.

I quite enjoyed reading these stories as an insight to Malay culture.  My favourite stories were 'Mr. Bolero', about two professional killers and set in the near future; and 'Cloud Sparkle', which is a horror story about killer clouds!

Overall I found the theme of betrayal, specifically female lover betrayal, to become a little tiresome but it's just a part of the collection.

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fatihah ahmad said...

getting tired reading when the writer cannot stop including sex part in all the stories. like no one is willing to pay rm20 to see the same damn thing in all the 13 stories. other stories are just plain. i've never regretted buying a book until this book. go spend your rm20 on other fixi novels