Friday, July 3, 2009

The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies by Kimberley Starr

The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies
Kimberley Starr
2004, UQP, St. Lucia

Madeleine Jeffreys is a Rockhampton psychologist who is brought in by the Brisbane police to interview a paedophile and serial killer. She narrates the story which switches between the present day and a summer she spent as a teenager which has repercussions on the case.

I thought the author did a really good job of capturing the voice of an angry fourteen year old girl. This was a slow-burn type thriller and extremely readable. There were a few continuity errors that I saw so it could have done with another edit.

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scientistmum said...

The book starts off great, but it just goes downhill. The take home message is that if you are a stepchild or stepparent, your family is messed up, and that you cannot love a child that isn't yours. I am a stepchild and a stepmother, and I know that this is total bullshit. Don't bother reading this book.
Jenny Ekberg, Brisbane