Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Ghatti's Tale: Finders-Seekers by Gayle Greeno

The Ghatti's Tale: Finders-Seekers
Gayle Greeno
1993, DAW, New York

A colonising expedition from Earth becomes stranded on a planet when their technology goes awry. Their society evolves to incorporate ghatts - mind-melding giant cats native to the planet - who bond with a human mate and together read the truth behind disagreements in court.

I haven't given the plot justice with that description, this truly is a brilliant story.

Finders-seekers is a beautifully written book. The author has a real way with words - a way of drawing a picture with her evocative prose. I was entranced by the story of the ghatti and their bondmates - it was a long book, but so finely honed unlike a lot of other longish fantasy. Every part of this book added to the story as a whole

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