Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dogs Don't Tell Jokes by Louis Sachar

Dogs Don't Tell Jokes
Louis Sachar
1991, Random House, New York

This is the story of Gary W. Boone, a kid who doesn't quite fit in and tries to compensate by being the class clown. When the school is to hold a Talent Show he decides to enter to show everyone that he is funny even though they think he is just a 'goon'.

I thought this was a great book! It was funny and poignant. I could really empathise with the main character. And the jokes weren't half bad either.

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Anonymous said...

I love that book. I read it for my first time and after that I really liked it. Also Louis Sachar is my FAVORITE writer ever. I read most of his books. I read at least......
10 of his books!! I hope you read this book whoever reads this. Also one of Gary W. Goone's jokes are..
Well I went to a doctor and I told him that I stink. Thw Doctor said,"Yeah you do stink . What happened to you?" And I(Gary) Said," I ate Two Dead Skunks for breakfast. And the doctor said, " Why did you do that?" And I (Gary) answered beacuse we were out of waffles. LOL I hope you read this book!!!

Discoverylover said...

Hey Ro! Just clicked over to have a look (lol, I'm not bored at work :p)! Louis Sachar is one of my fave childrens authors! HYE read Holes? AWESOME awesome book :D See you in f&g at some point :)

Anonymous said...

Hey DiscoveryLover. I read Holes, Sideway Storeies from Wayside school, Marvin Redpost books, and other one that i can't remember.Alot of Louis Sachar books are great.

Ro said...

I haven't read any other of Louis Sachar's books, but it looks like I'll have to!